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About ATS Pro

Advanced Trauma Solutions Professionals is dedicated to becoming a leader in the field of trauma treatment by combining scientific knowledge, evidence-based practices, and expert professional staff.

We exist to empower providers, organizations, systems and survivors with transformative knowledge and skills to address the impacts of trauma.

We do this by providing inclusive, diverse, client-centered approaches of training, consultation and quality assurance, to include evidence-based TARGET models and adaptations.

Advanced Trauma Solutions Professionals (ATS Pro) disseminates a research-based intervention for adults and youth affected by psychological trauma, TARGET© (Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education and Therapy). TARGET was developed at and is copyrighted by the University of Connecticut.

ATS Pro provides an intensive training and quality assurance program for agencies interested in learning to use the TARGET treatment model in their programs. Training includes a series of components designed to guide administrators, clinical staff, and line staff through an intensive learning process that prepares them to implement TARGET concepts and skills in group, individual, and family settings, and in the milieu.

Features That Set the ATS Pro/TARGET Approach Apart

Highly rated for dissemination readiness.

SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices independently evaluated ATS Pro implementation materials, training and support services, and quality assurance procedures and awarded the highest possible score in each category: 4 out of 4.

Quality assurance. Implementation. Sustainability.

ATS Pro training and quality assurance procedures are a top-tier set of services that are recognized in our high SAMHSA rating. It’s an intensive approach that includes assessment of organizational/system needs and readiness, training and ongoing quality assurance, monitoring of process and outcomes, ensuring fidelity of delivery, certifying individual deliverers, and maximizing sustainability.

Evidence-based. Easy to understand. Simple to implement.

Neurobiology is a complex science. TARGET translates the science of stress and trauma into a unique practical explanation that people of all ages and backgrounds can understand — and unique evidence-based skills for stress management and trauma recovery.

The Benefits of Preparedness.

There’s no question the number-one, most critical benefit of the TARGET program is the level of preparedness for understanding and effectively handling chronic stress and trauma within the entire organization and workforce. TARGET is a scalable, 360˚ program — providing the knowledge, skills, training, and quality assurance that breeds confidence within your organizational culture, so you’re always ready to help others cope and recover from chronic stress and traumatic experiences.

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