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Consultation Availability for
External Contractors

All Resources are completely optional and to be used at the discretion of the Independent Contractor.

ATS Pro does NOT require these resources be reviewed or used to complete work under an Independent Contractor Agreement.

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Suggestions for Using Acuity Scheduling Effectively:

Self assigning an appointment:

  • Appointments should be self assigned for the month before the 15th of the month prior.

  • Click the Acuity window below to sign in using previously provided credentials

  • Select the weekly view in Acuity for ease, otherwise you will see each participant as an individual unique meeting

  • Ensure the "Calendars" filter has all calendars selected

  • Identify a consultation you would like to host

  • Click on that consultation

  • In the window that opens on the right:

    • Click “Edit”

    • Click the box that says with “ATS Pro” or "ATS Professionals"

    • In the drop down menu, change to the Acuity access information that was previously provided to you

    • Click "Save Changes"

    • This removes the appointment from the main calendar and assigns it to you

Please be careful not to change any other settings in the appointment or click on any other boxes.


To view your schedule only:

  • Uncheck all calendars from the "Calendars" filter, except your Acuity access calendar, click "show selected"

  • This will now populate all appointments you have assigned to yourself.


No other changes should be made within the Acuity scheduling system, these calendars are not individual/personal to you.


Cancelling an appointment you've assigned to yourself:

  • Please email as soon as possible if you need to remove an appointment you've previously assigned yourself.

  • Please do NOT cancel the appointment within the system

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