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T-Care Training Package
for Individual Attendance

This training is provided fully online. The course begins with an introductory live webinar led by a certified TARGET trainer and is approximately two hours in length.  This is followed by static, self-paced coursework, combining both didactic learning and experiential activities. The self-paced coursework takes approximately 13 hours to complete.  Access is provided 24/7 to each trainee and remains available for 30 calendar days.  Extensions are available for purchase, if needed.

Please note: This is not a train-the-trainer program.  T-Care trainees are not permitted to train others, including other mental health professionals, in T-Care or any TARGET-derivative.  T-Care trainees are not permitted to replicate their facilitator materials or further distribute.

Registration closes 14 days before the scheduled date, to allow time for training materials to be shipped.
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