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TARGET/T4 Post-Training Coaching Package
for Individual purchase


ATS Pro provides coaching services to enhance knowledge and comprehension of the  TARGET and T4 models and support facilitators in the acquisition of Proficiency and Certification milestones.  Coaching sessions focus on supporting both organizational and facilitator implementation. These services are provided through live web-based meetings and self-paced online course materials. Research informs that coaching after training leads to greater knowledge, changes in attitudes toward interventions and higher treatment integrity. ATS Pro post-training coaching packages  aid facilitators in the transition from demonstration to comprehension as they are supported with transfer of learning and implementation.


Coaching modules will provide mock session practice and discussion, video examples, guidance on community-centered and person-centered provision, practice with the curriculum’s terminology, concepts and structure, adaptive practices for individual and group session formats, milieu reinforcement and implementation, applying FREEDOM steps to diverse life stressors and goals, and support with facilitating TARGET/T4 in diverse facilitator roles. Resources and information from TARGET developer, Dr. Julian Ford, are provided throughout the coaching pathway.

Cost: $350/per person

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